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Make Your Ball Pool

Create your own Larisa and Pumpkin Ball Pool. You can customize your ball pool by choosing the color of the ball pool and the balls up to 3 different combinations. There are 66 balls in each net. After deciding on the color combinations of 3, there will be a total of 198 balls.

  • 2.100,00 TL

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23 saat 20 dakika İçinde Sipariş Verirseniz Yarın Kargoda! Kargo firmalarında yoğunluk yaşandığında, siparişinizin teslimatında gecikmeler yaşanabilmektedir.

These CE-certificated balls are produced from plastic that is non-toxic, and azo dye-free. This material is safe for children and odorless. Each ball pool is lined with 95% cotton and 5% elastane fabric and the zippered cover can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine. In order to provide easy and safe access to the ball pool for your child every time, the soft sponge used in the making gets naturally deformed through time to regain its original and beautiful appearance. The ball pool is suitable for children who can sit on their own without any support. Adults should always be present while children are playing in the ball pool.

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