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As YG Group, by presenting qualified, safe and healthy products so as to help parents in Turkey who aims to grow their children in the best way, we have become one of the key players in mother & baby sector. Now, with the brand “Larisa and Pumpkin”, we continue to take joyful steps.

Our biggest passion is designing qualified and safe products that give joy to our little ones while supporting their improvement! Not only by entertaining them for hours, but also by improving their fine and gross motor skills, Larisa and Pumpkin combines modern, elegant and innovative designs with safe and delightful features for kids. As the most beloved playmate candidate for babies, Larisa and Pumpkin lets babies explore their innate talents and raise them.

After a busy working period and great excitement, firstly we launch modern, elegant and safe ball pits with 10 different color combinations. All colors, balls and fabrics are designed while dreaming happy faces of children. We really hope that you will share our greatest passion and excitement with us and use our products with pleasure.

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